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MGMT 331 - Management Information Systems - Video Links


Chapter 1 Information Systems in Global Business Today
Online Personal Assistant - Today Show (4:57) (File Link)
UPS Global Operations with the DIAD IV (3:10) (File Link)
Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices (10:00) (File Link)
Chapter 2 Global E-Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems
How FedEx Works: Enterprise Systems (7:02) (File Link)
Geo-Mapping Technologies Help Target Sales Prospects (4:56) (File Link)
Comverse One Billing and Active Customer Management powered by IBM Power Systems and WebSphere (6:21) (File Link)
Chapter 3 Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy
Customer Relationship Management CRM San Francisco (4:06) (File Link)
Chapter 4 Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems
Net Neutrality: Neutral Networks Work (26:05) (File Link)
Online surveillance software / data mining (5:11) (File Link)
Chapter 5 IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies
Server Virtualazation (2:36) (File Link)
Salesforce.com: SFA on the iPhone and iPod Touch (4:28) (File Link)
Instructional Video 1 Google and IBM Produce Cloud Computing (2:05) (File Link)
Instructional Video 2 IBM Blue Cloud is Ready-to-Use Computing (1:13) (File Link)
Instructional Video 3 What the Hell is Cloud Computing? (3:05 Audio Only) (File Link)
Instructional Video 4 What is AJAX and How Does it Work? (5:39) (File Link)
Instructional Video 5 Yahoo's FireEagle Geolocation Service (4:13) (File Link)
Chapter 6 Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management
Maruti Suzuki Business Intelligence and Enterprise Databases (5:30) (File Link)
Data Warehousing at REI: Understanding the Customer (4:39) (File Link)
Big Data Will Change Our World (3:29) (File Link)
Chapter 7 Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology
Cisco Telepresence: Meeting Without Traveling (3:59) (File Link)
Chapter 8 Securing Information Systems
IBM Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC) (3:07) (File Link)
Open ID and Web Security (4:35) (File Link)
Instructional Video 1 The Quest for Identity 2.0 (2:22) (File Link)
Instructional Video 2 Identity 2.0 (15:12) (File Link)
Chapter 9 Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise
Sinosteel Strengthens Business Management with ERP Applications (4:51) (File Link)
Case 2 Ingram Micro and H&R Block Get Close to Their Customers (2:49) (File Link)
Chapter 10 E-Commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods
M-Commerce: The Past, Present, and Future (8:04) (File Link)
Ford AutoXchange B2B Marketplace (4:58) (File Link)
Chapter 11 Managing Knowledge and Collaboration
L'Oréal: Knowledge Management Using Microsoft SharePoint (2:57) (File Link)
Case 2 IdeaScale Crowdsourcing: Where Ideas Come to Life (3:21) (File Link)
Chapter 12 Enhancing Decision Making
What is Hadoop? (3:06) (File Link)
IBM and Cognos: Business Intelligence and Analytics for Improved Decision Making (5:07) (File Link)
Chapter 13 Building Information Systems
IBM: Business Process Management in a Service-Oriented Architecture (7:21) (File Link)
Chapter 14 Information Systems in Global Business Today
Mastering the Hype Cycle: How to Adopt the Right Innovation at the Right Time (4:09) (File Link)
NASA Project Management Challenges (8:58) (File Link)
Instructional Video 1: Software Project Management in 15 Minutes, Part 1 (7:37) (File Link)
Instructional Video 1: Software Project Management in 15 Minutes, Part 2 (7:18) (File Link)
Chapter 15 Managing Global Systems
Daum Runs Oracle Apps on Linux (3:52) (File Link)
Monsanto, Cisco ANS, and Microsoft SharePoint (3:41) (File Link)