Server-side Scripting Assignments using ASP for Chapters 7-13

Class Server

Create a table of contents page named index.htm on your class server account, replacing the current index.htm file. Add a link to your solutions to each of the following assignments, placing them on the server in your account folder. (20 points)

Link toPoints Complete Pages/Steps/Assignment
Asgn01    80 ASP Hello World Assignment
Asgn02  100 282aspAsgn02Ch7pathfinder.asp
Asgn03  100 282aspAsgn03Ch7sessionform.asp
Asgn04  100 282aspAsgn04Ch8registration.asp
Asgn05  100 282aspAsgn05Ch8-feedbackform.asp    
Asgn06  100 282aspAsgn06Ch8-mysv.asp
Asgn07  100 282aspAsgn07Ch9-myform.asp
Asgn08  100 282aspAsgn08Ch9-logincookie.asp
Asgn09  100 282aspAsgn09Ch10-SendMail.asp
Asgn10  900 282aspAsgn10Ch12-13Database.htm