CIS 209 Web Page Scripting Languages

Using Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will:

  • Save you from having to write down everything we cover in class
  • Pinpoint the most important material in each tutorial
  • Provide a good study guide for exams (especially items in bold type)
  • Point you to quality web resources and additional information in the form of links
  • Be your interactive guide to the material we cover

Lecture notes are NOT:

  • A substitute for going to class
  • Something that should be printed out (can't click a link on a piece of paper)

Enjoy these notes and get the most out of them by:

  • Preview the notes before class (Learn more from class discussions)
  • Review the notes after class (Clear up unclear topics)
  • Always view them on a computer with an Internet connection
  • Click links as you get to them (Don't get distracted too long at the links)
  • Participate in class discussions and activities (These are your class notes)