Client-side Scripting Assignments (JavaScript & VBScript) Chapters 1-6

Create an eight character file name for each assignment by combining the first 5 letters in your last name (all letters if your last name is less than 5 letters), plus your first initial, plus the 2 digit assignment number below. Keep the extension added by the program (.htm, .css, .asp, .doc etc.). Please, no spaces or additional characters. Copy this file to the homework folder – using START, RUN, \\HARRIS.

Please turn these assignments into the HOMEWORK folder, NOT to your Web Server Account.

Asn# File Type or Name Complete Pages/Steps/Assignment
01 Text File Project 1-1, steps 1-5, pg. 34
02 Text File Project 1-2, steps 1-6, pg. 34
03 courselink.htmProject 1-6, steps 1-8, pgs. 37-38
04 officedept.htm Project 2-1, steps 1-9, pg. 66
05 sportsdept.js Project 2-2, steps 1-4, pg. 66-67
06 sportsstore.htmProject 2-2, steps 5-11, pg. 66-67
07 emailObject.htmProject 3-1, steps 1-8, pgs. 120-121
08 prompter.htmProject 3-5, steps 1-10, pgs. 123-124
09 hwFeedbackJS.htmProject 4-1, steps 1-9, pgs. 162-163
10 hwTaxFormJS.htmProject 4-5, steps 1-6, pgs. 165-166
11 hwTaxFormVB.htmProject 4-6, steps 1-4, pg. 166
12 hwGlobalVB.htmProject 4-7, steps 1-6, pgs. 166-167
13 hwGlobalJS.htmProject 4-8, steps 1-4, pg. 167
14 productOrderVB.htmProject 5-1, steps 1-10, pgs. 201-203
15 productOrderJS.htmProject 5-2, steps 1-3, pg. 203
16 roundVB.htmProject 6-1, steps 1-12, pgs. 240-241
17 roundJS.htmProject 6-2, steps 1-4, pg. 241
18 checkNumberVB.htmProject 6-3, steps 1-10, pgs. 242-243
19 checkNumberJS.htmProject 6-4, steps 1-3, pg. 243
20 eventVB.htmProject 6-5, steps 1-4, pgs. 243-244

How to turn your assignments in electronically (copy your file to the homework folder):

  1. Click START, RUN, then type A: and press the ENTER key.
  2. Click START, RUN, then type \\harris and press ENTER key. See a yellow Homework folder.
  3. Close all open windows except Harris computer window and 3˝ Floppy (A) window. If necessary, resize and move open windows so that both windows are visible.
  4. With the RIGHT mouse button, drag your homework file(s) from your 3˝ Floppy (A) to the yellow Homework folder. When the homework folder turns blue it is selected. Once selected, release the mouse button to drop your homework file into the homework folder. You’ll see a pop up window asking if you want to Copy, Move, Create Shortcut, or Cancel. Click COPY.
  5. To verify that your assignment was turned in, double-click the homework folder and look up your assignment alphabetically. If it is not there, re-do step #4 above.
NOTE: All assignments are due upon completion. Please do not wait until the end of the semester to copy all your files. You run the risk of losing your disk, damaging your disk, or erasing your disk. Please do not erase your assignments off your disk until the end of the term. Since a disk can crash, it is very important that we keep at least two copies of every homework assignment file. I'll have a copy and you will have at least one copy - it is wise to keep a backup just in case. If you ever have a problem with your disk, please let me know and I will make you a copy. If I have a problem, I will ask you to send me another copy of your file. See class schedule for the LAST DAY TO TURN in homework - approx. one week prior to final exam.