CIS 209 - Advanced Web Development - Scripting Languages

Instructor: Hal Harris, Jr.
Office: HSB 433
Office Hours: contact.htm
Phone: 983-5950
Web Page:
Home Phone: 979-5000 (before 9:30pm please)

Textbooks: Internet Programming with VBScript and JavaScript by Kalata
Storage: You'll also need a USB drive ot store your files

Evaluation: You will be evaluated primarily by your test performance. The exams will test your knowledge of the text, class discussions and presentations. In addition, you will have lab assignments with hands-on practice to learn the material covered in each chapter of the text. You will create web assignments and post them on the Internet as WWW Assignments or Web Assignments using VBScript, JavaScript and Active Server Pages.. In addition, you will create PHP Web Assignments all during the semester.


  1. Midterm Exam (Tutorials 1-6) - 29%
  2. Final Exam (Tutorials 7-13) - 29%
  3. Assignments - 14%
  4. Web Assignments using ASP - 14%
  5. Web Assignments using PHP - 14%
Attendance: Class attendance, punctuality, interest and involvement are all important for the successful completion of this course. Please feel free to ask questions and participate in class discussions.

Make-Up Tests: There will be no "make-up" tests given except for students who encounter unforeseen emergency situations with convincing evidence. In such cases the make-up test must be completed within one week of the scheduled test.