CIS 146 - Microcomputer Applications - (MS Office)

Instructor: Hal Harris, Jr.
Office: HSB 433
Office Hours: contact.htm
Phone: 983-5950
Web Page:
Cell Phone: 979-3000

Textbook: Microsoft Office 2013: Introductory, 1st Edition by Vermaat, Misty E. - ISBN-10: 1-285-16602-7
Storage: You'll also need a USB drive (aka: pen drive, thumb drive, jump drive, flash drive, bus drive, cruzer mini drive, micro vault, etc.)

Evaluation: You will be evaluated primarily by your test performance. The exams will test your knowledge of the text, class discussions and presentations. In addition, you will have homework assignments with hands-on practice.


  1. Exam #1 (Concepts, Terminology, & Windows) - 20%
  2. Exam #2 (Word Processing) - 20%
  3. Exam #3 (Spreadsheets) - 20%
  4. Exam #4 (Databases) - 20%
  5. Comprehensive Final Exam - 20%
    (You may drop your lowest or missed exam above - only one exam score may be dropped.)
  6. Homework Assignments - 20%
Make-Up Tests: There will be no "make-up" tests given, even with a good excuse because you will be allowed to drop your lowest exam score. If you miss an exam, regardless of the reason, you can drop the zero you will receive on the missed exam. .

Attendance: Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered. Students who are unable to attend class regularly, regardless of the reason or circumstance, should withdraw from that class before poor attendance interferes with the student's ability to achieve the objectives required in the course. Withdrawal from classes can affect eligibility for federal financial aid.

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