CIS 146 Assignments

Office 2013 - Introductory

Complete all steps in each project. Omit all print instructions. As you complete the steps in the project, you will create files with specific names per the project instructions. Change the name of the file from the assignment (listed below) to an eight character file name by combining the first 5 letters in your last name (all letters if your last name is less than 5 letters), plus your first initial (please use the first name you used to register), plus the 2 digit assignment number below. Keep the extension added by the program (.docx or .xlsx or .accdb or .pptx). Please, no spaces or additional characters. Copy this file to the homework folder - \\merlin\cis\harris\homework.

DATA FILES NEEDED: Some assignments will refer to student data files. These files can be downloaded from the publisher by following the instructions in the textbook. Alternatively, you can click the links below, click 2013Book folder, then right-click the file you need, then click SAVE TARGET AS and save the file to your USB drive.
Asn# Assignment Complete Pages File Name from Project
01 RAM Web Asgn - Asgn01 Instructions Read Pgs IT1-IT36  
02 File Properties - Asgn02 Instructions Read Pgs OFF1-OFF81  
03 Ten Questions - Asgn03 Instructions Refer to pg IT1-IT36  
04 PowerPoint - Chapter 1 PPT1-56 (PPT55 #2) Keeping Hydrated.pptx
05 PowerPoint - Chapter 2 - Data File Needed: Fire Truck.wmf, First Aid Kit.jpg, Emergency Collage.wmf PPT73-126 (PPT125 #1) Emergency Plan.pptx

Finish Assignments 01-05 before Exam #1

06 Word - Chapter 1   Data File Needed: Mountain Trail.jpg WD2-54 Adventure Flyer.docx
07 In the Lab - Lab 2: Creating a Flyer with Resized Pictures  Data Files Needed: Bakery 1, Bakery 2 WD60-61 Lab 1-2 Wedding Bakery Flyer.docx
08 Word - Chapter 2 WD65-WD123 Biometric Devices Paper.docx
09 In the Lab - Lab 2: Preparing a Research Report with a Footnote WD131-WD133 Lab 2-2 Mobile Devices Protection Paper.docx
10 Word - Chapter 3 (1st part - letterhead) WD137-WD164 Samaras Letterhead.docx
11 Word - Chapter 3 (2nd part - business letter) WD164-WD186 Samaras Thank You Letter.docx
12 Word - Chapter 3 (3rd part - Env. & Labels)
Click Add to Document button instead of Print button.
WD186-WD188 Extra copy of Samaras Thank You Letter.docx with envelope & label added.
13 In the Lab - Lab 2: Creating a Letter with a Letterhead and Table WD195-WD197 Lab 3-2 Internship Letter.docx

Finish Assignments 06-13 before Exam #2

14 Excel - Chapter 1 EX2-EX54 Bob Gleamin Budget.xlsx
15 In the Lab - Lab 1: Fourth Quarter Revenue Analysis Worksheet EX59-EX60 Lab 1-1 Caitlyn's Candles.xlsx
16 Excel - Chapter 2 EX65-EX118 HyperMass Online Storage Salary Report
17 Excel - Chapter 3 EX129-EX192 FroYoToGo Financial Projection
18 Apply Your Knowledge - Understanding Logical Tests and Absolute Cell Referencing: Part 1 (#1-8) and Part 2 (4 blanks) EX193, Part 1 and 2 Create Word document with answers
19 PAYROLL   Payroll
20 AMORT   Loan Calc & Amortization Schedule
21 BUDGET   Budget
22 MTG   Mortgage
23 CHANGE   Change Sheet

Finish Assignments 14-23 before Exam #3

NOTE: Assignments 24-30 are created using Microsoft Access. Since Access saves files automatically, after you complete each Access assignment, exit Access and use the Windows Explorer to make a copy of your Access file. Rename the copy as your codename plus assignment number and turn it in electronically. You will need your original files for future assignments - Example: Assignment #27 starts with the finished file from assignment #24 - Bavant Publishing.accdb.

24 Access - Chapter 1: Databases and Database Objects AC2-AC64 Bavant Publishing.accdb
25 Apply Your Knowledge (steps 1-9)
Data File Needed: Apply Cosmetics Naturally.accdb
AC65-AC66 Apply Cosmetics Naturally.accdb
26 In the Lab - Lab 1: Creating Objects for the Dartt Offsite Database (Steps 1-12)
Data File Needed: Lab 1 Dartt Offsite Services.accdb
Data File Needed: Lab 1-1 Client Data.xlsx
AC68-AC69 Lab 1 Dartt Offsite Services.accdb
27 Access - Chapter 2: Querying a Database
Start With File From Asgn #24: Bavant Publishing.accdb
AC73-AC124 Bavant Publishing.accdb
28 Apply Knowledge (Steps 1-6)
Start With File From Asgn #25: Apply Cosmetics Naturally.accdb
AC125-126 Apply Cosmetics Naturally.accdb
29 In the Lab - Lab 1: Querying the Dartt Offsite Services Database (Steps 1-13)
Start With File From Asgn #26: Lab 1 Dartt Offsite Services.accdb
AC129-AC131 Lab 1 Dartt Offsite Services.accdb
30 Access - Chapter 3: Maintaining a Database
Start With File From Asgn #27: Bavant Publishing.accdb
AC138-AC190 Bavant Publishing.accdb

How to turn your assignments in electronically (copy your file to the homework folder):
  1. Insert your USB drive in to computer's USB port, click the START button, then click COMPUTER icon, double-click your USB drive icon to open an explorer window showing the contents of your USB drive.
  2. Click the START button, In the SEARCH BOX, type \\merlin, then double-click the CIS folder, then double-click the HARRIS folder, then double click the homework folder. You'll be at \\merlin\cis\harris\homework. NOTE: This can only be done from the school network on campus (any computer lab on any campus).
  3. Close all open windows except Harris computer window and your USB drive window. If necessary, resize and move open windows so that both windows are visible.
  4. With the RIGHT mouse button, drag your homework file(s) from your USB drive to the yellow Homework folder. When the homework folder turns blue it is selected. Once selected, release the mouse button to drop your homework file into the homework folder. You’ll see a pop up window asking if you want to Copy, Move, Create Shortcut, or Cancel. BE SURE TO click COPY because you need to keep a copy, just in case the homework folder hard drive crashes.
  5. To verify that your assignment was turned in, double-click the homework folder and look up your assignment alphabetically. If it is not there, re-do step #4 above. NOTE: If your assignments are not all listed together, you may need to refresh the view by tapping the F5 function key (or re-open the window). If they are still not all listed together, it either did not copy or you named the file differently. Be sure to name all files with the FIRST FIVE LETTERS of your last name, plus YOUR FIRST INITIAL, plus a TWO DIGIT assignment number - no spaces. Leave the extension as is.
NOTE: All assignments are due upon completion. Please do not wait until the end of the semester to copy all your files. You run the risk of losing your disk, damaging your disk, or erasing your disk. Since copying files is part of the learning experience, you will get practice turning in homework assignments every week during the term. Please do not erase your assignments off your disk until the end of the term. Since a disk can crash, it is very important that we keep at least two copies of every homework assignment file. I'll have a copy and you will have at least one copy - it is wise to keep a backup just in case. If you ever have a problem with your disk, please let me know and I will make you another copy. If I have a problem, I will ask you to send me another copy of your file. See class schedule for the LAST DAY TO TURN in homework - approx. one week prior to Final Exam.